Every student has the ability to fit in a particular university depending on his or her personal, academic, and financial capabilities in selecting the universities that best suit them.

Selecting a career course and the university is the most central part of the whole procedure. Your chances to achieve your dreams highly depends upon the college/university chosen and the career course opted for. This is when we come into a picture and play a crucial role in educating parents and students as they might not be aware of the best academic options available.

We at IOE keep a close eye on the latest admission criteria, offers made by the universities/colleges, their acceptance rules, college/university expectations from their students, and the merit criteria.

Our expert counselors gauge the student’s strengths, their requirements and match them with the available universities for the maximum chances of admission.

How our selection helps you

With the help of our experts we provide students with a catalogue of colleges and universities with the high probability of admissions coupled with the possibility of financial aid.